The Fog

Number of Poems: 27

Number of Poems Revised: (Error 404: “Revisions” Not Found)

Number of Poems Scrapped: Too many to count (I lied. I wrote them down but I’m just too lazy to count them all.)

Release Date: Undetermined

Book Covers Designed by Canva: 6

Book Covers Designed by professional’s: 0

Number of Poems Performed at Busboys and Poets: 6

Hello, I’m not exactly sure what to put here. It’s currently 3:15am on a Monday in November. I hope you’re doing well. I just finished counting the poetry I wrote for this collection and bracing myself for the long months to come. I will be typing them all up and will be rereading them and rewriting them. They will be painful. But I will have to be strong. Something I haven’t been good at in all 22 years of my life. Something I have to learn. Like a new language. It will be hard. And I will be scared. And I will want to give up. But I will vow to myself, right here right now.

When I want to throw all of this away, every poem I’ve written, all the hours I spent researching how to market myself as a poet, learning how to write better poetry, performing at spoken word events, I will come back to this page and read this.